Common Mistakes When Cleaning Carpets

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While you get endless convenience and comfort from installing carpet flooring, cleaning them is a thing that should be taken seriously. Failing to maintain your carpets well may result in indoor air pollution, mold development, and health risks. To prevent this from happening, this article will help you identify the most typical carpet cleaning mistakes that you need to prevent from now on to promote a healthy house. 

Neglecting to clean the spills right away 

If you’ve got furry friends and children at home, then you cannot avoid food droppings and spills. However, that does not mean that you’ll just delay cleaning it. When a liquid was spilled on your carpet, make sure to use a soft cloth to blot it right away. If not, it’ll end up getting soaked up deep within the soft fibers. In the same way, when baby food drops on your carpet, it’s best to clean it as soon as you can to prevent it from drying up. Otherwise, it’ll be a lot difficult to eliminate once it’s dried.? 

Applying powder carpet deodorizers 

At times, applying a cheap powder carpet deodorizer may seem to be an easy and quick solution to eliminate the bad odor. However, it may only result in more harm eventually. As you walk on top of your carpet, the deodorizer’s powdery material will be deposited further into the fibers. Though your carpet may temporarily smell good, it must not be confused with cleanliness since you’ve got plenty of dirt in there.? 

Scrubbing to eliminate the stain 

Remember that your carpets can also get stains if you scrub them rigorously. Moreover, know that applying too much elbow grease won’t help. If you rigorously scrub your carpets, their delicate fibers can be damaged and you can cut their lifespan since they will be frayed. The right way to remove liquid stains would be to use a clean cloth to blot them. For dried-up substances like food, you need to scrape it off rather than scrubbing it.? 

Trying all kinds of DIY cleaning techniques 

Though the internet is full of information, know that not all things you can find on the internet can be substituted for expertise and experience. Some DIY carpet hacks might work for some household cleanings all over your house. However, in terms of carpet cleaning, it would be best if you don’t experiment with unreliable cleaning techniques you find elsewhere. Instead, you should stick to utilizing?Des Moines carpet cleaning?service and maintenance every year since other things are best left to professional carpet cleaners.? 

Not vacuuming regularly 

No matter how clean your carpet may appear, keep in mind that the fabrics are possibly trapped in several germs, debris, dirt, and dust. If you don’t regularly clean it, it can result in extreme health risks. So, it’s important to get your carpets deep-cleaned at least once every week. Once the carpet smells bad, you can combat the smell by putting some baking soda in the vacuum container.? 


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